Amapiano – The Rise Of A New Musical Genre


The Musical Genre Amapiano

Everywhere and now people keep asking different questions about Amapiano ; how it came to existence, when it came,  why is it trending more than Gqom from where it originated and more questions.

Today at Sajessy we are going to be answering those little rhetorical questions of yours.

But before we make clear to you about the music genre Amapiano, we would like to suggest you also read;

What Is Amapiano?

Amapiano is a genre of South African house music that came to full emergence in 2016. Amapiano Music is a half breed of Jazz, profound house, and parlor music.

It is known by its sharp piano songs and Kwaito basslines of 90s South African house rhythms. it has Cultural birthplaces of Mid-2010s Gauteng, South Africa. its Typical instruments are Piano, drum, a synthesizer that gives a low rhythm.

The Beginning

Amapiano Music genre is accepted to have begun in the Pretoria territory. this came to fruition due to bacardi is noisy and limited which offered ascend to another Genre called Amapiano.

Most DJs in 2014 wouldn’t play the sound however DJ Mojava took the reason and made it well known by utilizing Pretoria cab drivers.

It is generally regular in Johannesburg townships, Soweto, Alexandra, Vosloorus, and Katlehong. Most people groups contrast Barcadi with Amapiano due with the genre’s likenesses.

Fame And Global Notice

Amapiano is a Success, it is currently being perceived by spilling administrations like Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music.

Amapiano collections currently stream Live on Youtube. The Amapiano Live Balcony Mix has recorded the most-gushed Live blend by South Africans. Before Now Amapiano Music is been share with Bluetooth and other information moving devices from one telephone to the next.


Amapiano DJs, Sahubs Believes that The genre is presently promoted by well known music DJs who change hits, lively, low-rhythm into tracks, in the like of DJ Ganyani, Sun-El Musician, DJ Maphorisa, MajorLeagueDjz, Jazzidisciples, Vigro Deep and Kabza De Small.

There are other Upcoming Djs that make a contribution to the Genre, According the Fans and JessyNaija , it is accepted that Kabza De Small is the ruler of Amapiano with his relentless beats and blend.

Amapiano Albums

Amapiano assumed control over the South African dance music scene. Here is a rundown of Albums,

Road Sounds

Pretty Girls Love Amapiano Vol.1

Pretty Girls Love Amapiano Vol.2

Pretty Girls Love Amapiano Vol.3

Pretty Girls Love Amapiano Vol.4

Dreaming Ep (with Chambers and Spumante)

Scorpion Kings

Piano Hub

The Return of Scorpion Kings

Scorpion Kings Live At Sun Arena 11 April 2020

Quite a long time ago In Lockdown

Amapiano Street Culture, Vol. 1

AmaPiano Legacy

AmaPiano Is A LifeStyle Vol. 1

The Weekent

Devotees Of Piano


Shonamalanga (EP)


Uyang’ Testa

Gong Gwam

Re Mmino

Amapiano Chronicles

AmaPiano Volume 5



House Afrika Presents Mzansi House Vol. 9

Amapiano Movement (Vol. 1)

No Ties




Abagezi Labafana (DJ Vetkuk Vs. Mahoota)

Firemen (accomplishment. JayLokas and Damage Da Dj)


Yile Piano, Vol. 1

Slow Jam Is the Future

Otherworldly Sounds

Child Boi III

Mr JazziQ 0303

Amapiano Love Affair

The Spirit Of Amapiano

Mzansi’s Amapiano House

The Load Shedding


Bafana Ba Numba


House Afrika Presents Mzansi House Vol. 11

Amapiano Street Culture, Vol. 1


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